The CCFAP trailer is equipped with honeycomb kennels, air conditioning, and interior lights.

Adoption Events & Promotions

We work closely with animal services to transport adoptable animals to offsite adoption events.  We sponsor the adoption fees, advertise the events, and assist with finding homeless animals new homes.   

Low Cost Spay & Neuter

We partner with Humanitarians of Florida to bring low cost spay and neuter services to Citrus County residents.   

Support of Senior Pets

We sponsor an ongoing adoption promotion "Save a Senior Saturday" where we pay the adoption fees of senior cats and dogs every Saturday.  We purchased a dental machine for animal services veterinary staff to use to clean the teeth of older animals.  

Medical Care

We pay for surgeries and medical care beyond what animal services can provide.  This may mean fostering a dog for surgery and rehabilitation, paying for extensive dental procedures, x-rays, or other medical care not provided at the animal shelter.  

We pay for lifesaving Heartworm treatment for shelter animals.  The treatment may be the fast-kill method or slow-kill depending upon the recommendation of the veterinarian.  

Kennel Enrichment

We support the kennel enrichment programs of animal services to keep dogs and cats mentally and physically healthy while they are waiting for adoption.  This comes in the form of supporting the Playing for Life program as well as toys and equipment for play yards and kennels.  

Equipment & Supplies

Whether it's a commercial washer and dryer so the animals have clean bedding, anesthesia machines and other medical equipment, freezers for Kongs,  fences for play yards, or any other item for the betterment of the animals -- CCFAP will try to meet the needs.  

A Few of Our Success Stories



  At just six months  old Petey was found with a severely broken leg.  Not  just broke but turned in the wrong direction. It was broken in the growth plate and required a tricky surgery but the orthopedic fixed it and saved his leg. He was adopted and moved to Orlando to be with his new family.  



Nellie was a tethered and attacked by another dog.  Her foot was broken in four places.  She did not receive medical care timely and was left to suffer.  She was so flea infested that when she was given a Capstar her fawn colored coat turned black with all the fleas exiting her skin.  The surgeon saved her foot and she is adopted and living with her new family. 

Suzy Sweet Pea


 Suzy Sweet Pea arrived at the shelter with broken bones after being hit by a car.  Without organizations like CCFAP to take care of her medical needs, Suzy may have been put to sleep because her needs were more than animal services can provide.  Thanks to donations of a caring community we were able to help her.  She is living her happily ever after with a wonderful family and a canine sister.   



 Zander was a precious little puppy that was beaten by his owner.  Thankfully, someone who knew of it brought Zander to the vet and the owner was later arrested.  Zander was placed in a foster home and CCFAP ensured he had the medical care he needed.  Zander was later adopted by one of the vet techs that cared for him at the vet office.  



 Tyson arrived at the shelter with the largest tumor we've ever seen!  CCFAP provided his medical care to remove it and we helped him get to a no-kill rescue where he was later adopted.  The tumor was so heavy we were amazed at how well he coped with it and what an amazing, happy attitude he had.  



 The sad eyes are gone and caster is all smiles now.  Caster was at the shelter for awhile until we discovered how badly he needed emergency oral surgery.  CCFAP took care of his medical expenses so he could have 8 impacted teeth and part of a necrotic jaw bone removed.  He was probably in pain for many years.  Caster is now living his happily ever after with a wonderful new family who loves him dearly.   

~ Love to the Rescue ~



Codi is a 2 year old Australian Shepherd who was hit by a car and has a broken femur and pelvis. She was wearing tags which led back to a previous owner who states she gave Codi to someone else several months ago but could not provide contact info for that person. So CCFAP was her only option for help.  She had her surgery and rehab and will be adopted into a wonderful home. 



Luke is a young Hound/Lab that was hit by a car and left at the side of the road.  When found he was very weak but still licked the hands of the animal control officer trying to help him.  He had two broken hips.  This was a first for us but and we did not know if surgery could help him but it did!  He healed and rehabbed very nicely and by watching him run, jump, and play you would never know that he ever had an injury.    



A bystander saw Chloe hit by a passing car and brought her to the Humanitarians.  She was impounded by animal services and CCFAP was called in when it was discovered that  this 9 month old puppy had a dislocated hip on one side and a broken pelvis and broken hip on the other side. She is so small and vulnerable at only six pounds.  Her surgery went well and she was eventually adopted by the founder of the Humanitarians of FL and is a mascot for their organization.  



 At 3 months old, Noley has been injured long enough to have muscle wasting. Our best guess is that she was dropped or stepped on.  Her dislocated hip was left for so long that she had a luxated knee because of compensating for the hip. She was found wandering the streets in Inverness where she was likely put out to fend for herself. Despite her injuries she is extremely happy, wiggly, and wagging.  She did well after surgery and found her forever home with loving parents and canine siblings.   



 Cole arrived at Animal Services as a stray with a fractured Tibia that needed surgical repair.  He was estimated to be between 1 and 2 years old and was fully grown at only 38 pounds. We don't know his past and how he got a fractured leg but we knew we could set him up to have a great future. He is such a loving little guy and after his surgery and rehab he found a wonderful family with parents, kids, and a canine sister.  They stay in touch and let us know what a great life he is having.   



 Holly was just a baby at 8 weeks old. She arrived at the animal shelter with a severely fractured and displaced elbow. She's had her surgery and was placed in foster care for her surgery and rehabilitation. Holly is just about the sweetest puppy we've ever met and we saw her through to a better future.  She was adopted and is being well loved by her new family.    



 This beautiful lab/terrier mix is Rhoda ID# 23129953. She came into the shelter as an injured stray and there is no telling how long she has been on her own.  We stepped in and had her X-rayed .  It was an old injury, a fractured bone, that didn't heal properly being left untreated and her hip is not right because of it. So this precious girl has been in serious pain for some time.   We arranged for her surgery and she was adopted into her forever home. 



 Missy is an adult Retriever mix that came to the shelter with an old injury. Missy had suffered a trauma at some point in her life that left her with a broken leg that healed improperly causing it to be much shorter than the other. We have no idea how long she has lived this way. She was found in a ditch with a litter of puppies. Missy was a great mom and all of her puppies have been adopted. She was very loving and patient even in her condition.  Missy needed surgery to reconstruct the Tibia to lengthen it so she can walk normally.



 Tally is a real trooper! She came into the shelter with a long, vertical fracture of the femur. You could see in the x-ray that the length of the bone was split in two.  Tally was only six months old when she came to us and had suffered incredible pain in her short life. 

After this pint-sized bit of sweetness went through terrible surgery and no telling what before that, she maintained her love for people.  She is a precious girl.  She healed well from her fractures and was adopted by a couple of very nice ladies and is now living her happily ever after.   

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Help the sick and injured

Your support and contributions will enable us to help on a moments notice when the sick or injured arrive at the shelter.  Your generous donations will ensure the funds are there when the emergency cases come in.  Nobody should have to wait in pain while we try to gather funds to treat them. 

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